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The Ultimate Home - the home builder for YOU!

We build in Greenville-Spartanburg area.


Cost Effective

·        ICF forms are easy to install, saving valuable construction time.

·     Less energy is needed to heat or cool an ARXX home, reducing the size of heating and cooling equipment and saving the homeowner 50-80 % in monthly energy costs.

·    ICF high insulation value may qualify you for additional energy credits.

·      The reduced fire risk in ARXX homes can also reduce insurance costs 15-20 %.

·        ICF homes typically appraise higher than wood-framed homes.

·        ICF homes are termite proof.


Structural Strength


·    ICF is approved by all National Building Codes (NER-515) for all high-wind and earthquake areas.

·        ICF homes are capable of withstanding hurricanes and tornados.

·        ICF homes provide 4-hour fire protection.

·        ICF minimizes damage in the event of a flood.


Environmentally Responsible

·       Job-site scraps can be recycled.

·       No harmful CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) are used to manufacture ICF blocks. ICF blocks directly reduces the use of lumber, helping to save our valuable forests.

·       Using 50 - 80 % less energy on heating and cooling, ICF homes save our natural resources.


Living Comfort


·        ICF provides a more uniform and stable temperature throughout your home.

·        With a sound rating of at least 48, ICF homes provide unparalleled peace and quiet.

·        ICFreduces air infiltration by 75 % - eliminating drafts and halting the "invasion" of dust and pollen.

·        The solid mass and sheer strength of an ICF wall provides a comforting sense of security.