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 Safe Rooms

We build safe rooms using  Insulating Concrete Forms

ICF safe rooms can be incorporated into new construction typically as a closet, pantry or utility room. They can also be added to existing homes as a room addition or as a free standing work shop or storage building.

ICF's design flexibility allows easy incorporation into most plans without requiring additional design or architectural expense.





ICF Safe Rooms deliver the ultimate in safety for your family and your valuables. ICF walls can be designed to withstand the flying debris of an F-5 tornado and the most severe hurricane winds. ICF walls are also bullet-resistant and are the first ICF to achieve a 4-hour fire rating.











ICF safe rooms utilize a Lite-Deck insulated concrete ceiling system, which delivers an R-30 ceiling insulation and easy interior finish applications. A 14-gauge steel door mounted to a cast-in-place steel frame and secured by three deadbolts offers easy access and security. These doors are usually installed so they swing inward so debris outside does not prevent evacuation once the storm has passed. Passive air vents are installed for fresh air intake when occupied. ICF safe rooms are handicap accessible.


Tornado winds are not consistent. Wind speeds rapidly increase and decrease. An obstruction, such as a house, causes the wind to change direction and increase pressure on parts of the house. This creates stress on the house that can cause building components to fail.







F-0: Light Damage
Chimneys are damaged, tree branches are broken, shallow-rooted trees are toppled.




F-1: Moderate Damage
Roof surfaces are peeled off, windows are broken, some tree trunks are snapped, unanchored manufactured homes are overturned, attached garages may be destroyed.





F-2: Considerable Damage
Roof structures are damaged, manufactured homes are destroyed, debris becomes airborne (missiles are generated), large trees are snapped or uprooted.




F-3: Severe Damage
Roofs and some walls are torn from structures, some small buildings are destroyed, non-reinforced masonry buildings are destroyed, most trees are uprooted.




F-4: Devastating Damage
Well-constructed houses are destroyed, some structures are lifted from foundations and blown some distance, cars are blown some distance, large debris becomes airborne.




F-5: Incredible Damage
Strong frame houses are lifted from foundations, reinforced concrete structures are damaged, automobile-sized debris becomes airborne, trees are completely debarked.